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Ergonomic / Workstation Assessments

We are proud to be Australia's premier supplier of ergonomic assessments and related services.


Ergonomic Assessments prevent the onset of typical desk related neck, back, shoulder, elbow and wrist injuries. Ergonomic Assessments are also utilised to manage symptoms which may have already developed.


Our office-based ergonomic assessments are the most comprehensive, efficient and cost-effective avaliable. We have provided ergonomic assessments across all parts of Australia (and overseas) from a single assessment right up to organisations with over 3000 employees. 


 Ergonomic Assessments - home office

Ergonomic Assessments for the home office! More and more employees are working from home on either a temporary of permanent basis; it is just as critical to ensure that employees are set-up correctly in this environment as they are in their usual office. These assessments include evaluation of all WHS risks including fire safety, slips, trips and falls.


Ergonomic Assessments - vehicles

 We regularly complete these ergonomic assessments for employees where their primary task is driving (eg. Courier, Truck drivers) as well as when driving is pivotal in one's role such as on-roas Sales Consultants



Ergonomic Assessments - Ergoline™ Training

 Generally delivered in small groups we have developed an exclusive training option for all employers which is offered in two forms: face-to-face and online. This is a great option to assist with WHS compliance and annual refresher training!



Ergonomic Assessments - ERGO™ fit-outs

Due to high demand, we also complete new UNIQUE and MODERN office ERGO fit-outs as well as refurbishments. We offer a range of options that have not yet hit the market which will provide your office space with a FUN, VIBRANT yet PROFESSIONAL ergonomic design. We have been called-in to correct hundreds of poorly designed 'new fit-outs' that have been poorly designed from an ergonomic perspective. It pays to get it right.......